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What Are The Advantages Of Galvanized Post Pallet?

- Jan 17, 2018 -

The galvanized tray is also called a metal tray. In general, the metal tray is made of galvanized steel plate.

Compared with galvanized tray, one of the wooden pallets are also commonly used as galvanized tray tray, highlight where?

1, wood pallets and short service life, the general use of the number of 200-300 times, and the service life of galvanized tray is about 20 times more than the wooden pallets.

2, galvanized pallet main material is steel or galvanized steel plate, through special equipment molding, all kinds of profiles support each other, rivet connection is strengthened, and then welded by CO2 gas shielded welding. The pallet is easy to mildew and rot.

3, galvanized tray for forklift operation, convenient access to goods, wooden pallets would be worn, falling apart.

4, galvanized tray can be recycled, not waste resources.

5, galvanized tray does not need to fumigate, high temperature disinfection or anticorrosion treatment, in line with international environmental protection regulations. In order to prolong the service life of wood, the factory often uses fumigation and other methods, and produces harm to the product.

6, galvanized tray flexible use, insert four design direction, improve the convenience of space utilization and operation of the invisible, the strong base design is also in line with the use of line and automatic packaging system.

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