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The Strong Rise Of Y Column Fence

- Jan 18, 2018 -

The Y column is also called "the airport fence fence, prison fence", because of its use of V type bracket at the top; in recent years, usually in airports, prisons, military bases, etc., in order to improve the protective performance, will be added in the mesh reinforced welded wire mesh and security connecting device, V type bracket is to place the razor wire at the top, installation of razor wire can prevent criminals can also climb, electricity protective performance is stronger, but please make electricity tips to avoid accidents.

The raw material of Y column fence net is low carbon steel wire, and the diameter of the wire can reach 5mm. The protective performance is the best of all kinds, and the mesh is 50mmX100mm. There is no way for people to climb. And the column is Y type column, the pipe is very thick, it is difficult to destroy.

Y column fence product advantage:

1. the best protective performance does not lose its beauty

2.20 years of life, even longer

3. installation is simple and quick, connect the net column with the buckle

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