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The Difference Between Nylon Casters And Polyurethane Casters.

- Jan 18, 2018 -

The nylon wheel has a hard texture and the polyurethane wheel is relatively soft.

Nylon wheel is an important branch of abrasive grinding tool, and it is a grinding product following strong grinding and grinding products such as sand belt grinding wheel. Nylon wheel products are mainly composed of nylon fiber mesh, grinding medium (ore sand), bonding resin and other main components, which may add heat assistants, fillers, pigments and other auxiliaries.

Nylon wheel products are mainly divided into two major categories, overlapping wheels and coiling wheels. Folding method by industrial white Jiebu through roller wheel glue (glue containing binder and abrasive coating etc.) and a piece of stacked with baking in the oven curing, finally cut into. Roll tensioning wheel by coating the same method, taking in a special tube core rolled bar, and baking and curing.

Nylon wheel products are supported by the three-dimensional network of nylon Web. The grinding workpiece has the characteristics of elastic grinding, cold cutting, anti blocking and so on. Compared with the particle number of wheel belt line more delicate, soft and bright. Than the cloth wheel, flax wheel cutting force is stronger, or more clearly. Therefore, the nylon wheel is often used for the light treatment of sand belt after sand belt and the treatment of electroplating and mirror front path. Therefore, nylon wheel surface treatment (Surface conditioning) is an important tool, the out of the line has good ornamental, widely used in household metal products processing.

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