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Selection Of Storage Cage And Matters Needing Attention

- Jan 17, 2018 -

The common specifications of the storage cage are: 1200*1000 or 1000*800, other specifications can be customized, these two specifications have the belt wheel and do not take. How to choose the storage cage so you need to know how the storage cage can judge the quality of the cage? How to judge the quality of the storage cage has been troubled by the procurement personnel, in fact, all of the industrial product judgments are to follow the two direction, one is material, the two is to work (process), about the 2 point, then judge the quality of the natural out storage cage. The good or bad of the storage cage depends on the following points: first look at the material, the thickness of the steel wire is enough. The material and the width of the reinforcing beam at the bottom are enough. Because of the different standards of enterprises, they are different naturally. Generally speaking, the diameter error of steel wire should not exceed 0.1mm. Second, surface treatment is a very important standard, one is beautiful, and two affects the life of the product. 

Again, it is to see the workmanship, concrete to the storage cage assembly process smooth, after the completion of the assembly of the four corners of the high error within 5mm. Each side of the mesh should be smooth, no loose, leakage phenomenon such as welding.

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