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Five Important Considerations For The Use Of Pallets

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Pallets are warehouses that are commonly used in many warehouses at present. Pallets are often used in conjunction with heavy duty shelves, but many people don't understand the correct way to use pallets.

The correct use of packaging tray should be combined on the pallets and add the appropriate packing and wrapping, convenient mechanical handling and transport, handling, storage and transportation to meet the requirements of.

Load quality of pallet

The weight of each tray shall be less than or equal to 2 tons.  In order to ensure the safety of transportation, the height of the center of gravity of the goods should not exceed 2/3 of the width of the tray.

Pallet stacking mode

According to the cargo pallet type, the quality and the size of the tray, reasonably determine the goods on the pallet stacking. The utilization ratio of the bearing table area of the tray should not be less than 80%. The following requirements for pallet stacking:

1, wood, paper and metal containers and cargo monolayer or multilayer rigid rectangular staggered way, stretch or shrink film packaging;

2, paper or fiber goods goods stacking monolayer multilayer, with cross banding sealing.

3, bags of goods stacked multi-layer staggered compaction.

4, the need for moisture-proof and waterproof protective paper products, textile goods and monolayer or multilayer staggered way, stretch or shrink film packaginggoods increase angle support, goods cover partition reinforcement structure;

5, fragile goods single or layerspieces, increase the wooden support clapboard structure

6, metal bottle single vertical cylindrical containers or goods stacked, increased cargo box and slab reinforcement structure;

7, a sealed metal container monolayer or multilayer stacking cylinder goods, wooden goods cover of reinforcement.

In order to make the pallet used for long and safe use, it is hoped that the tray should be used correctly according to the following requirements:

1, the tray should avoid sunlight exposure, so as to avoid aging and shorten the service life.

2. It is strictly forbidden to throw the tray down from the height to avoid the crackle and crack of the tray because of the violent impact.

3. It is strictly forbidden to throw the goods in the tray at the height. Reasonably determine the way the goods are stacked in the pallet. The goods are placed evenly, do not concentrate on the stacking, and the eccentricity is stacked. The tray carrying heavy objects should be placed on a flat surface or on the surface of the object.

4, when forklift or manual hydraulic truck operation, the fork should be as close as possible to the outside side of the fork hole, and the cross needling should be all extended into the pallet, and the angle can be changed after lifting the pallet smoothly. The fork can not impact the side of the tray so as not to cause the tray to break and crack.

5. Shelf - type pallets must be used when the tray is on the shelf. The load capacity is determined according to the structure of the shelf, and the overloading is strictly prohibited. The fixed mode of pallet bearing the goods is mainly tied, glued and stretched, and can be used in cooperation with each other. After pallet carrying cargo protection and reinforcement of pallet carrying cargo is fixed, it still can not meet the transport requirements. We should choose protective reinforcement accessories according to needs. The reinforced protective accessories are made of wood, plastic, metal and other materials.

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