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Analysis Of The Reasons For The Popularity Of Galvanized Tray

- Jan 17, 2018 -

1, the bearing capacity is the strongest in the tray.

2, metal card board 100% environmental protection, can be recycled and reuse, resources are not wasted.

3. The surface of the metal plate is treated with antiskid. The tray chassis is strong, the whole quality is light and the steel is strong, and has the stable packing performance.

4, the metal board waterproof, moisture-proof and rust; there are environmental advantages compared with wooden pallets (such as pallet capacity pest).

5. Compared with the plastic pallet, it has strength, wear resistance, temperature resistance and price advantages.

6, especially for export, metal cardboard does not need fumigation, high temperature disinfection or anticorrosion treatment, which is in line with international environmental protection regulations.

7, the use of flexible metal pallets (insert design, four direction to improve convenience, space utilization and operation in the strong base design is also in line with the use of line and automatic packaging system).

8, metal pallets and pallets, paper card board price, has the advantages of light weight, easy to use, the transport is more economical, the average weight is 7-8Kg.

9, compared with the plastic board in the same load under the same price, the price can be more favorable, according to the requirements of customers, flexible production of any size of the card. To avoid the cost of mold opening and the limit of the size of the fixed size, as well as the trouble of the rising of raw materials and the uncertainty of the price.

10, stable packaging performance paper board in the packaging of goods, if the packing box is too tight, will cause the paper card board deformation, the risk of packaging bag relaxation. Can you make the metal pallets all along the goods remain the most stable state.

11, pressure test: Y=1mm (equivalent to the international standard S) can bear 1180kg, the maximum to withstand 1450kg. (a metal plate usually has 9 supporting points).

It is because galvanized pallets are not easy to rust, not easy to damage, moderate in price, long life, save time for loading, fire and waterproofing, and have strong bearing capacity. They can be made according to their size. To save costs, and for recycling, it can rely on the "non wood packaging" statement after handling the export formalities, products are exempt, the use of galvanized iron card plate is undoubtedly the export enterprises in the pursuit of speed, cost and benefit of the major positive factor.

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