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Which areas are the main applications of iron pallets?

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Iron pallets are mainly used for ground storage, shelf storage, freight intermodal transportation and turnover. As a horizontal platform device for loading and transporting goods, they are one of the important storage and transportation auxiliaries in industry nowadays.

The iron tray is also called the metal tray and the steel tray.

(1) automobile, motorcycle, bicycle and other transportation vehicle and spare parts industry;

(2) stamping, die-casting, hardware, mold and other industries;

(3) computer, electronic, household electrical appliances, electrical cable equipment and other industries;

(4) wood, wood, steel furniture and arts and crafts; 5. Metal tools, sanitary ware, building hardware and accessories industry;

The supermarket shopping malls, highway, station pier, postal and other business and trade logistics system;

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