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Use of metal crates

- Jan 17, 2018 -

1, storage function: Metal containers can make three-dimensional storage of goods in the warehouse, the high load and high stacking properties of the goods in high load conditions can also achieve multi-layer stacking, so that the goods stacked in an orderly, more Can enhance the warehouse storage area. Due to the limited warehouse space of most manufacturers, stacking more goods in limited space is the goal pursued by each manufacturer. The turnover box can be used with a variety of logistics containers and positioners for various kinds of warehouses and production sites Occasion, more and more logistics management is valued by the vast majority of enterprises today, the turnover box to help complete the generalization of the logistics container, integrated management, production and distribution companies are essential for modern logistics management.

2, turnaround function: Turnover box metal by the whole body Q235 steel and metal mesh composition, durable structure, in the logistics and transport process to protect the safety of goods, auto parts, castings, forgings and other heavy cargo transport can not be replaced Role in the surface treatment, the pretreatment is pickling phosphate, rust degreasing the surface oxide film to achieve a rust-proof, paint is more durable attached to the surface, the sturdy structure of the goods can be transported by stacking , While its unique folding function can save space and reduce the shipping costs;


3, protection: whole body solid, the goods play a protective role, effectively resist the impact of the outside world on the goods;

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