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Teach you how to choose storage cage

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Storage cage is also a special form of packaging, with a similar role and the tray, but its steel material and mesh, three-dimensional structure of the decision storage cage can be three-dimensional handling, storage and transportation, transport tools, but also for the logistics Storage cage use, but also for sales tools.

It is recommended that users pay attention to the following points when choosing such products:

1, the weight of the goods: directly related to the material storage cage bearing capacity, different storage cage bearing capacity is also different, the user must choose according to their own needs when choosing the right metal storage cage;

2, whether the need for multi-layer stacking: single-storey and multi-storey stacked stacking requirements of different storage cage, before buying, please indicate whether single or multi-storey;

3, whether folded: We recommend the use of folding storage cage to reduce the space occupied by the empty box, more convenient and efficient storage cage most can be folded;

Can be broadly summarized as: when the goods are heavy use of metal storage cage, material storage cage, folding storage cage, heavy storage cage, metal bin and so on. When the goods lighter, you can use ordinary storage cage, hollow plate storage cage, storage cage and so on.

Proper selection and use of metal storage cage can bring the following practical significance:

1, durable: metal to create, under normal use can be used for more than 5 years;

2, super load: the general load of more than 1 ton of metal storage cage about 800KG ~ 2 tons;

3, multi-layer stacking: stacking layer 3-4 can be more stable. Before customization to explain how many layers to be stacked, is also transported or warehousing are different (static load and dynamic load);

4, Folding storage: Designed to be foldable, it can be folded up when not in use, reducing the space by about 2/3, reducing transportation cost and storage space;

5, recycling: repeatedly repeated use, reducing the cost of a single transport. Over the lifetime, if you use disposable wooden boxes or easily damaged plastic boxes, the cost will be greatly exceeded.

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