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Selection and performance of pallet types

- Jan 17, 2018 -

A tray (pallet), pine

Two, plywood and other composite wood pallets (pallet)

Three, plastic tray

Four, steel tray

Five, paper tray

Six, in recent years the rise of shavings molding pallet

1. choose different pallets according to different environments

Humidity: some material tray with strong hygroscopicity, such as pine and plywood pallets wooden pallets should not be used for wet environment, otherwise it will directly affect the service life. The paper tray is usually used for the export of disposable, especially not water.

Environmental cleanliness requirements: consider the pollution degree of the use of the environment on the tray. In the environment with high pollution, it is necessary to choose the pallet which is resistant to pollution and easy to clean. Such as plastic pallets, composite wood pallets, according to the circumstances is very important.

The tray carrying goods and special requirements for materials, goods tray bearing special cases with clean degree of corrosive or carrying goods tray is high, so be sure to choose a strong corrosion resistance of plastic trays, or composite wood tray.

Choice of pallet type for 2. pallet use

First of all, consider whether the goods you carry on the tray are used for export. For export goods, all countries basically require fumigation and insecticide treatment for raw materials, such as pine wood, which is equivalent to increased export costs. Therefore, export pallets should try to choose simple, non fumigated plywood pallets or plastic pallets. Plywood pallets are the first choice because of the high price of plastic pallets, not strong corrosiveness of goods or high requirements for the cleanliness of pallets.

The shelves stacked tray should choose strong rigidity, not easy to deformation for dynamic load larger trays; such as wooden pallet hard wood steel tray and a hard wood.

If the tray is used in three-dimensional warehouse shelves inside, have to consider whether the tray structure suitable for stacking on the shelf. As usually only in two directions, goods can be plugged from the rack. Therefore, pallets that are used for pallets should be chosen as four sides into the pallet as much as possible, so that the fork truck can cross the goods and improve the work efficiency.

Furthermore, whether to stomp after loading the goods on a tray, decide to choose a single or double-sided tray. Because only a single tray bearing surface, if the cargo carrying capacity is not strong, not suitable for stacking, otherwise easily lead to lower the damage of goods, therefore reproduced goods need multi-layer stacking, try to choose a double-sided tray.

Performance indicators of 3. pallets

The main performance of the tray is the load requirement, and the load capacity includes:

Static load (Staticcapacity)

Static load is the maximum load that the pallet can bear with the pallet on a flat and rigid plane, which is evenly spread on the tray.

Dynamic load (Dynamiccapacity)

Dynamic load refers to the maximum load and weight that pallets can be laid evenly on pallets in dynamic operation when using forklift and other handling equipment.

Load on the shelf (rackedcapacity)

Refers to the tray in the beams on shelves or other similar shelves span beam empty, pallets tiled evenly placed, can withstand the maximum load weight.

Therefore, the choice of pallets must first determine the load requirements, and the load requirement depends on the use function of pallets. When pallets are stored on the shelves, the load on the shelves is the most important. If the export tray needs a forklift operation, the dynamic load is the most important.

At the same time, have a great relationship with the pallet on the loading capacity of the goods placed, if goods weight is not uniform, or equipment supporting feet, so not the tray surface stress, load capacity of the tray to be higher, we should make a concrete analysis of the force structure design of pallet.

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