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Main classification of iron pallets

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Iron pallets are mainly used for ground storage, shelf storage, freight intermodal transportation and turnover. As a horizontal platform device for loading and transporting goods, they are one of the important storage and transportation auxiliaries in industry nowadays.

Iron tray is divided into: two fork iron tray, two semi Pu surface fully covered iron tray, four fork fork type tray, four semi Pu fork type full shop tray, heavy steel tray etc..

Tito disk according to the design standard size ISO6780 series of international standards, with a standardized and universal, suitable for all kinds of transport in different countries, especially it has overcome the non-metallic materials hygroscopic deformation and metamorphism of weakness, suitable for air and ocean transportation of export products, electronics, food, medicine, chemical products storage and transportation. The tray (also called pallets) plays an important role in modern warehousing and transportation, the material is generally divided into wood, plastic, paper, metal, plywood etc.. With the development of human society, strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, shortcomings and harm the traditional wood growing, eventually become export barriers. Super light steel tray is our company based on foreign products to be perfected and developed. With high quality galvanized steel plate, it is made by high precision cold bending molding machine. The recycling rate is 100%, environmental protection and energy saving. Especially for export, does not require fumigation, high temperature disinfection and antiseptic treatment, in line with the United States, Canada, the European Union issued to all requests from the China enter the country of goods packaging materials in accordance with law, "emergency notice on the transport packaging of goods (China economic trade No. 1998:702)" the spirit of the document.

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