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Folding storage cage the most common style size

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Folding storage cage, also known as warehouse cage, butterfly cage, metal turnover me, etc., is now a common logistics and warehousing logistics equipment containers, more and more enterprises are recognized. Here's a brief description of folding storage cage size specifications:

Folding storage cage is the most commonly used style size is 1000 * 800 * 840 (mm), diameter 5.8mm, grid 50 * 50 (mm), carrying 1000 (kg), weight 42.8 (kg) Storage cage standard type B1-1000). This model is the size of the medium size of the conventional size, but also the most businesses to buy models, whether it is from the product size, bearing, or product is suitable for transport, warehouse turnover, etc. to meet the needs of most businesses. The so-called "the most suitable is the best."

Of course, in the storage cage standard B1-1000 this style, in order to meet the needs of different businesses, but also the design of two different sizes of conventional size one: storage cage standard A1-700, the outer size of 800 * 600 * 640 (Mm) diameter of 5.8 (mm) grid 50 * 50 (mm), carrying 700kg, weight 27.8 (kg); Second: storage cage standard C1-1300, outer dimensions 1200 * 1000 * 890 (mm) , Diameter 5.8 (mm), grid 50 * 50 (mm), bearing 1300 (kg), weight 55.8 (kg).

In these three storage cage standard type, with the same inside and outside the same premise, according to the different needs of customers such as: diameter, grid, bearing; we will customize according to your different needs.

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