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Choose the right type of cart when choosing a cart

- Jan 18, 2018 -

A Hand Cart is a general description of a small moving vehicle which is mainly driven by manpower, and then does not have any power, excluding its own, which can transport goods on the road level. Its characteristics are light and flexible, easy to operate, and small turning radius. It is a convenient and economical means of transporting small and light goods at short distance.

The classification of Hand Cart manufacturers' Hand Carts is classified by their use and load capacity. They can be generally divided into three categories: two wheelbarrows, multiple wheelbarrows and logistics cage cars. The first is the choice of handcart should consider the shape and nature of transport, handling more varieties in our shipment, we should consider the universal Hand Cart, in our handling single shipment, will be dedicated to the selection, thus to improve transportation efficiency. The second is to consider the transportation quantity and distance, due to the human powered Hand Cart is handling tool should be considered when choosing a cart we are. The main function of those low lift trucks is to lift the unit goods, as long as they move horizontally from the ground.

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