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Advantages and choices of logistics trolleys

- Jan 24, 2019 -

Advantages of the installation and design of the logistics trolley: the traditional logistics trolley is relatively old-fashioned in the design of the pusher. It is directly welded on the square tube on the side, and there is no support for the bottom plate, so we are The process of use is relatively prone to deformation and damage. Moreover, the tail pipe is not completely welded with the side pipe, and there will be a prominent place. In the process of use, if it is not careful, it is easy to hurt us. Moreover, if the use time is too long, corrosion will occur, so the life of use will be shortened. If the bottom plate is supported during welding, it is not only stronger, but also looks more beautiful and durable. It can be used in a small range of logistics trolleys. It is not only practical but also suitable for use in various industries. Therefore, the main features of the logistics trolley are that the structure is simple, the carrying is also very convenient, and the weight is relatively light, and the armrests and wheels used on the entire body are designed to be detachable and waterproof.

Because the logistics trolleys transport different kinds of items, the structure is also diverse. The trolley is mainly composed of handrails and four wheels, but can be mainly divided into double handles, single handles, and fixed handles according to different handles. And several folding handles. It can also be divided into three layers, single layer and double layer according to the difference of the number of layers; finally, according to the bottom of the logistics trolley, it is divided into two types: the bottom of the skeleton and the bottom. When we choose logistics trolleys, we mainly decide according to the shape of the goods. In fact, the entire scope of use of logistics trolleys is still relatively wide, not only can be used in large shopping malls, families can also use.

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